Pharmacy and medical drug benefits

Ascension's prescription drug plan is automatically included in your Ascension Personalized Care medical coverage. MaxorPlus is your pharmacy provider for 2024. 

Important pharmacy benefit and ID card information

A MaxorPlus pharmacy ID card will be sent to each member for MaxorPlus’ drug plan in 2024. Your pharmacy ID card will arrive before January 1, 2024. This ID card is different from your medical card. Your pharmacy ID card must be used for coverage when filling prescriptions, and can only be used for prescription benefits. You cannot use your Ascension Personalized Care medical ID card to fill a prescription.

If you need a pharmacy replacement card, you can contact MaxorPlus support at 888-839-4448. To learn how to view your ID card digitally, click here.

MaxorPlus benefits

Ascension Personalized Care members have 24/7 login access to the member portal and can find information regarding all MaxorPlus pharmacy benefits including:

  • See your pharmacy claim history
  • Read your pharmacy benefit details
  • Compare drug and pharmacy prices
  • Search and find a local in-network pharmacy to fill your prescriptions
  • Compare drug and pharmacy prices

Pharmacy network for prescription drugs

Ascension Personalized Care members can access the MaxorPlus network of pharmacies for their prescription drugs. MaxorPlus’s “Select Pharmacy Network” is composed of over 63,000 pharmacies nationwide that can assist members with their non-specialty prescriptions. This MaxorPlus Select pharmacy network for Ascension Personalized Care also includes over 60 Ascension Rx pharmacies across the country ready and available to assist members in Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas.

Specialty pharmacies for specialty prescriptions (on the Rx benefit, not medical)

Specialty medications usually have a high cost and are used to treat chronic and complex medical conditions. They also may be drugs that are difficult to take or have special handling, shipping, and storage needs. They are often self-administered medications to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, cystic fibrosis, cancer, or hemophilia. Specialty Pharmacy prescription services are available through Ascension Rx Specialty Pharmacy.

If you have been prescribed a “Limited Distribution Specialty Drug” please contact Ascension Rx Specialty Pharmacy at 855-292-1427 for assistance. Ascension Rx Specialty Pharmacy’s operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Please note that some Limited Distribution Specialty Drugs may require the use of a specialty pharmacy that is specifically assigned to that drug.

Mail order pharmacy for maintenance prescription drugs

Ascension Personalized Care members can access the Ascension Rx Home Delivery pharmacy for mail order prescriptions. You can have your maintenance prescriptions filled and delivered to your home. For more information, please visit Ascension Rx to sign up, and provide payment information.

Doctor administered specialty medications, medical drugs or infusions on your medical benefits

(Your doctor or physician's office must submit the prior authorization)

All physician-administered specialty medications or infusion therapies are subject to precertification notification or prior authorization (PA) approval. For a complete product list with current requirements, please see the medical benefit drug formulary list. 

With questions:

  • Call 833-980-2352 to speak to a member of the Ascension Rx prior authorization team.
  • Call 866-356-3666 to confirm a patient's Ascension Personalized Care Plan eligibility.

To submit a precertification notification or prior authorization request for a physician-administered product or infusion therapy:

  1. Download the form: Medical benefit drug precertification notification and PA form.
  2. Complete and sign the form.
  3. Submit the completed and signed form:

Drug formulary

The drug formulary is a list of generic and brand name prescription drugs that are covered by Ascension Personalized Care through our Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), MaxorPlus. You can search the online drug formulary or print the PDF version below. If you would like a copy of the formulary mailed to you, please send your request by email to

Prescription copay questions and customer service

If you, or your doctor have any questions about medications that are covered under your Ascension Personalized Care Plan in 2024, MaxorPlus’ award-winning Member Services team is available for 24/7/365 support and can be reached at 888-839-4448. Please contact MaxorPlus if you have any questions about your prescription copays.

You can also contact Ascension Personalized Care at 833-600-1311, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.