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Member Resources

Getting the right care for you starts with understanding your benefits. We want our members to know their options and feel empowered to make educated and informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Explore our member resources for educational materials that can help provide clarity around managing your health.

Understanding your benefits

Member handbook
Guide to understanding your healthcare benefits and coverage.
Member handbook
Pharmacy benefits
Find information about the APC prescription drug plan and benefits.
Pharmacy Benefits
How to find a doctor
Learn how to navigate the online search tool to find the right care
How to find a doctor

Health and wellness

Preventive care services

Get more information about the covered screenings and services that can help you manage your health.

Mindfulness meditation

Find ways to lower stress, fully relax, and enhance your productivity through meditation.

Visit readiness

Curious on how to prepare for your doctor visit? Let us help you with this easy to read guide.

Healthcare actions

Right care for you
We can help you find the right care close to home.
Right care for you
Learn more about ACA and general insurance information.
Health risk assessment
Complete your health risk assessment today.
Health Risk Assessment

Additional resources


Have a question? Find answers to the most common APC questions.


Locate member newsletters and find exciting updates in your market.

Service areas

Locate the states and counties that APC currently operates in. 

Summary of benefits and coverage

A summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) is a document that shows deductible and copay information as well as everything that is covered under the health insurance plan. See plan details for Ascension Personalized Care coverage areas for 2023 and 2024.

Summary of benefits and coverage