Get your prescriptions filled

Use Ascension Rx to have your medications delivered right to your home.

Make Ascension Rx your preferred pharmacy for home delivery of medications

  1. Fill out this form to start the prcoess with Ascension Rx. We will ask for your contact information and medication allergies. Don't forget to consent to text messaging in order to receive a notification when your account set up is complete. 
  2. Contact all your doctors and ask them to electronically send your prescriptions to Ascension Rx. Ask your doctor to send 90-day (3 month supply) maintenance and/or specialty medications with additional refills using the following codes: 
    • For all prescriptions: "Ascension Rx 1001 - Home Delivery"
    • Your doctor may also fax your prescriptions to 833-347-0798
  3. Once you've received a text message confirming that your account set up is complete, visit the payment settings page to add your credit card details. This step is required.
  4. Receive medications delivered to your doorstep 
    • We will send maintenance medications in 90-day supplies, if prescription quantity allows*.
    • Generic medication will be dispensed when a generic alternative is available.
    • For new prescriptions: It can take up to three weeks for you to receive your medication in the mail. For new enrollment or prescriptions, you will be contacted within 14 days of the order.
    • Note: You will receive a text message when the medication is shipped and when you're due for a refill (you must opt in for text messages).
  5. Download the Ascension Rx mobile app for management of your medications and future refills. You will need an Ascension Rx prescription number to use the app. You can find a list of all your prescriptions and their status by visiting the member login.

*Excludes drugs prohibitied by Texas law.

Still have questions about Ascension Rx or your Ascension Personalized Care benefits?

For more information about your Ascension Personalized Care prescription coverage, such as what medications are covered by your plan, visit the APC pharmacy page or call MaxorPlus at 888-820-4082. Ascension Rx can be reached at 833-633-7279 and their operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.