Ascension St. Vincent

February 2023 

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine advances research with Ascension St. Vincent

In 2022, clincians at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, a leading neurological practice associated with Ascension St. Vincent in Indiana, were co-authros of 40 scholarly articles as part of the practice's commitment to advance the acare they provide to adults and children with neurological disorders.

Those efforts are supported by the Neurosurgery Foundation at Goodman Campbell, which has built a strong research collaboration with Ascension St. Vincent. This collaboration provides clinical research opportunities within the acute care setting and beyond.

Recent studies by Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine include research in the areas of neurotrauma, spinal surgery, stroke and pain, as well as multisystem trauma with traumatic brain injurty and therapeutic applications for clinical treatment of epilepsy patients. Also last year, Jodi L. Smith, MD, PhD, part of Goodman Campbell, was a co-author or chapter contributor to three clinical books.

The practice also is enhancing innovation and the development of novel treatments as part of strategic alliances with Purdue University and Indiana University.

The team of clinical research professionals at Goodman Campbell includes a research director, five research nurses, a medical writer, a medical illustrator and a contracted statistician. The practice participates in more than 30 active Institutional Review Board-approved studies at any given time including investigator-initiated studies as well as industry- and grant funded multicenter clinical trials.

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