Member reviews

Care is about more than medicine. We are here to serve, listen and understand. See reviews from Ascension Personalized Care members and how we value you.

Member reviews

Care is about more than medicine. We are here to serve, listen and understand. See reviews from Ascension Personalized Care members and how we value you.

APC Testimonials

Such a sweetie

"I just have to compliment your customer service rep, Michael Wilson.  He was wonderful and such a sweetie. Don't lose him, he did a really good job."

APC member - 3/23/23

Above and beyond

“The APC team went above and beyond to assist me. I was running low on eye drops and needed to be seen for my glaucoma. I couldn’t find an in-network doctor as not all eye doctors treat this area of the eye. Victor and Jana were so helpful! They called all the doctors in my area and were able to find an appointment within one week. So grateful for them and this amazing team!”

K. P. - 2/20/23


Very thorough

"Chancey has been amazing! Very patient with answering all my questions. [She was] detailed in providing me with all the information that I needed. [She] emailed me an ID card and stayed on the line to ensure I received it. Chancey made it worth the wait." 

APC member - 1/19/23

Very impressed

"Chancey was so polite and extremely kind. [She] was spot on with her information. Chancey called over 3-way to a provider to help get an issue resolved. She was very patient and created great conversation while we waited on hold." 


APC member - 1/5/23

Wonderful job

"Liz did a bang up job. She is a wonderful young lady to speak with and had a great sense of humor. She took the time to stay on the phone with me for an hour to resolve my issue for my prescription coverage with Cigna and she owned the call."

APC member - 11/8/22

Provider satisfaction

"Amir did a great job providing the information I needed. He was so kind. As an RN I have many customer service centers I have to call and Amir was so wonderful to work with. He was patient and went above and beyond. Whoever raised Amir did an amazing job!"

APC provider - 3/2/23

Great customer service

"I am so much better because of Jessica! I got COVID so my paycheck was short and I received 3 bills with different amounts and I was not sure what to do. Jessica called the Marketplace with me on the phone and she figured it out so quickly. She is amazing! Went above and beyond! She explained everything so perfectly. This was a great experience, Jessica is everything. I was previously with [another insurance company] and I was very impressed with Jessica. I felt it was very important to recognize her." 

APC member - 2/17/23

Outstanding service

"I just want to let you know that I received outstanding service. I had three open items to discuss and all were addressed. The name I was given was Tanisha. She was understanding and a pleasure to work with. Love you guys and have a wonderful new year." 


M. F. - 1/18/23


"I just wanted to stop and give kudos to one of your employees; Tanisha, from the Michigan call center. I called in very agitated searching for my absent payment. She was very compassionate, empathetic, patient, listened, effective and came up with several solutions that focused solely on helping me with this task. Even after she notified me that my payment was not received. She went above her required duties and contacted the Marketplace, in which I have not been able to get a hold of. And got me every answer I needed. By the end of the call, my payment still wasn’t found, but by your employee, Tanisha, I was so impressed by her dedication and excellent customer service! I had to stop and send praises of her exceptional service to you. I didn’t want to hang up without submitting this email!" 


B. T. - 12/30/22

Professional and helpful

"Vic is wonderful. Whatever you are paying him is not enough, he deserves a raise. He is so nice, professional and helpful. Guardian Angel!" 


APC member - 11/4/22

Understanding and respectful

"Beth was so patient, kind and understanding. Her tone of voice was so nice and respectful. She called me back and was very honest about timeframes. She was so knowledgeable when explaining things to me. This was the best customer service experience."

APC member - 2/23/23

Peace of mind

"Today I was able to talk to someone & thank goodness it was Vic!! He sympathized with the struggles I was going through & took the time to email me the links directly to get done what I needed to, which worked. I asked if he could stay on the line as I was making my payment just in case anything went wrong. Not only did he stay on the phone for my payment, but he also took it a step further to make sure I had both my accounts set up as well. He was extremely patient, very kind, & MORE than helpful. I took up over 10 minutes of his time just to give me peace of mind & he never made me feel like an inconvenience or a waste of his time. I hope Vic gets recognized for his awesome work ethic & customer service. Thanks so much for solving 3 problems (making [a] payment & setting up 2 accounts) for me AND reissuing my physical ID cards. Vic went above & beyond. He is a great person to have on your team! Time for a raise!!!!" 


D. L. - 2/10/23

Patient and knowledgeable

"I can't thank Jessica enough for going above and beyond to help me become active and get my Cigna Pharmacy information so I can fill my prescriptions. Without her I wouldn't be able to go to the doctor. Jessica was so knowledgeable, kind and patient."


APC member - 1/9/23

Exceptional customer care

"I am new to Ascension insurance as of November 1 and I am extremely impressed with the level of customer care I have received from your support staff. Nowadays, it's rare to receive good customer care from a company you deal with, let alone, exceptional customer care from everyone you speak to. I especially want to acknowledge the care I received from Beth. She has stayed on top of the issue I had with Cigna and the prescription coverage for my new policy. She has contacted me numerous times and followed through with the issue until it was resolved. What could easily have been a negative experience with a new customer, has been a good experience because of her. I know people usually only take time to complain, it is my pleasure to sing praises to Beth and the other support staff who have assisted me." 


B. P. - 11/11/22

Amazing service

"Jessica was amazing to speak to.  She was wonderful and provided amazing customer service. She was very helpful and helped me get the results I needed. She gave me peace of mind." 


APC member - 2/21/23

"I chose Ascension Personalized Care for the Ascension network of doctors. I'm so impressed with everyone, from customer service to office staff to providers. I have truly enjoyed my experience with this insurance plan." - L. H. - 5/22/22
"I want to sincerely thank you!  This [customer service team has] helped more than you could ever know.  I couldn’t help but think of your team as my personal guardian angel sent by God today!!" - C. M. - 8/16/22
"I needed to call customer service twice. Both times the service exceeded my expectations. As a new member, this is very encouraging." - APC member - 2/3/22
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